To produce “Delicious, Quality, and Affordable Product” to our customer, while working toward the greater good for our employees, community, and environment. Management Principle

     WORLD FOODS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED using the management principle in accordance with the principles of resorce management (4M) such as Man, Machine, Money, and Management. In the management section, the company emphasized that all sub-divisions are planning before workind, have a regular meeting and report with close supervision from the supervisor. The company policies are control by company executives. Moreover, the balance of using of all principles of Good Governance such as Morality, Jurisdiction, Transparency, Participation, Accountability, and Value is extremly important.

Certificates and Awards
2009 : Certificate of Food Improvement Program (Reduced Sugar Sodium and Fat) From Ministry of Public Health

2011 : Consolation prize, National SMEs Award (Good Governance) From The Office of SMEs Promotion (OSMEP)

2013 : Certificate of Pilot Factory Program (Fruit and Vegetable Juice Manufacturer) Management Information System for Small and Medium Industry: (MIS for SMI) From Department of industrial works, Ministry of Industry

2015 : Certificate of One Province One Agro-Industrial Product (OPOAI) From Ministry of Industry

2017 : Green Industy Level 2 Award From Department of industrial works, Ministry of Industry

2018 : Outstanding Industry Award for International Business Management from the Ministry of Industry