Company Profile

     WORLD FOODS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED established in 1994. The company started business with manufacturing and distributing extruded snacks from wheat flour, potato flour, and corn flour both in Bangkok and in upcountry area nationwide.

     In 2007, the company expanded the business into the manufacturing of fruit juice from concentrate and sold to the same market as snacks. The fruit juice manufacturing processes are designed to use high technology machineries thus the products are produced with hygienes and are suitable for not only sells in domestic market, but also exports to international market. All of the production lines are now certified with many standards such as GMP, HACCP, ISO22000:2005, and HALAL.

     In 2013, the company further expanded the business into the main ingredients such as plastic bottle, and nata de coco in order to ensure the high quality and lower the production cost.

     Nowadays, the company are moving into its 25th business year. The company increasing its capacities, and developing new products by the collaboration with government sector and private sector. So that the company can response to its customer needs, as the vision of the company that the company will produce “Delicious, Quality, and Affordable Product”

     To produce “Delicious, Quality, and Affordable Product” to our customer, while working toward the greater good for our employees, community, and environment.